PosgreSql Database Administration Module (CFG-TC03)

about this course

This course is designed for database professionals who are responsible for administration and maintenance of PostgreSQL, who want to increase proficiency and learn the best practices .

This special 2-days course teaches both foundational and advanced Postgres database administration topics. This immersive class offers hands-on experience with Postgres use cases based on years of field experience.

course objectives

Upon completion of this course of this course you should be able to:

  • Upon course completion, you will be prepared to successfully manage your mission critical PostgreSQL installations.
  • Performing core administration tasks with confidence and skil

target audience

Database Administrator for Century Financials System .

course outline

Day 1


Postgres System Architecture

Getting Started – installation, setting environmnet, variables, creating a cluster, connecting to the server.
Configuration – connection, authentication,
WAL, log, vacuum settings and more.

Creating and Managing Databases
Object, hierarchy, databases, schemas, roles,
users, groups and access control.

Introduction to PSQL
Basic conventions, commands and parameters.
Using pgAdmin III

Security Basics
Configuration, access control, ownership, etc.

Day 2

SQL Primer
Data types, basic queries, functions, constraints,
views, sequences, indexes.

Backup and Recovery
backup types and strategies
Point-in Time Recovery

Routine Maintenance
Query plan, table
Statistics, vacuuming, re-indexing, and more
Postgres Data Dictionary

Moving Data
Performance tuning & Monitoring

Administrative Details
  • Course Fee
    RM 1,802 / pax (incl. SST)
  • Duration
    2 Days
  • Lunch and refreshment provided

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The training was well organized and the trainer presented it very clearly. He was able to explain in simple terms for all the newbies to understand the system

Fazid Ahmad

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