Comprehensive Payments Processing & Reconciliation Module (CFG-FC06)

about this course

Century Software is committed to make individuals achieve outstanding level of performance via its high impact and meticulously researched training programs. Each program is designed to train every manager, executive and clerical staffs to have a clearer and deeper understanding of the subjects covered and hence to take them to a higher level of competency and efficiency.

This training is suitable users of Century Financial System specifically for  payments Modules such as Accounts Payable, Cash Book, Staffs Claims and Advances.

The Comprehensive Payments Processing & Reconciliation Training is a 3 day course which is ideal for those candidates who are responsible of the data entry, daily operations and administration of Accounts Payable, Cash Book, Staff Claims & Advances.

This course will benefit people who need further understanding of the current functionalities of the system and for those who require a refresher course. It encompasses a wide variety of the payment processing areas and provides a detail working knowledge to take away with you where you will have understand how setup the master files, identify control accounts, process purchase orders, invoices and payment.

This course will also cover AP Tracking process and for those of you who are not familiar with this process need not worry as the training will be done in a very simple and easy to understand steps.

course objectives

Accounts Payable

  • Understand of the steps required to generate, release and control supplier invoice and payments as well as purchase order.
  • Understand the new functions in the Accounts Payable & Purchasing module.
  • Understand how to fix reconciliation problems for Accounts Payables.
  • Understand what are the do’s and don’t ‘s of the Accounts Payable & Purchasing module.

Cash Book

  • Understand how to enter and maintain cash book transactions and understand the overall concept and its functions.
  • Understand the payment, receipts & adjustment actual process flows.
  • Understand how bank statement entries, loading of statements and when to use the Cash Book Journal Entries.
  • Understand what are the do’s and don’t’s which will impact the bank reconciliation.
  • Understand the EFT process flow.

Staff Claims & Advances

  • Understand the steps required to generate, release and control advances and claims.
  • Understand the new functions in the Claims & Advance module which is related to the EFT features.
  • Understand how to fix reconciliation problems.
  • Understand what are the do’s and don’ts of the Claim & Advance module.
  • Understand what are the main setup features of this module.
  • Understand how to easily track outstanding advances by using detailed open items and available reports.
  • Understand the integration between the claims & Advance module with payroll, Cash Book, Project Costing and General Ledger.

target audience

Employee who are in charge of the Accounts/Finance Department

course outline

Day 1

Brief explanation of Module

Accounts Payable & Purchasing Operations
Account Payables Tracking Process
Work Flow Processes
Purchase Order Process, Invoice Entry & Payments
Cheque Printing
Relationship between Account Payables and Budget Control
Relationship between Purchase Order and Budget Control

Day 2

Cash Book Payment Operations
Cash Book Tracking Processes
Cash Book Work Flow Processes
Cash Book Payments Processes
Cash Book Adjustments
Cash Book Work Flow Processes

Claims & Advance Payment Operations
Advance registration process
Allocation of claims to advance
Open Item – Advance
Claim & Advance Adjustment
Payroll – Claim & Advance Adjustment
Relationship between Claim & Advance and Cash Book
Relationship between Claim & Advance and Payroll

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Processing
Accounts Payable
Cash Book
Staff Claims and Advance
Staff Loan
Generating EFT file
Change payment type in AP module
Change Payment Type in CA for Claim and Advance
Loading AK File
EFT Reject

Day 3

Reconciliation between Accounts Payable & General Ledger
Reconciliation between Accounts Payable & Purchasing
Reconciliation between  Cash Book & General Ledger
Reconciliation between  Claims & Advance & General Ledger

Administrative Details
  • Course Fee
    RM 1,590 / pax (incl. SST)
  • Duration
    3 Days
  • Lunch and refreshment provided

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The training was well organized and the trainer presented it very clearly. He was able to explain in simple terms for all the newbies to understand the system

Fazid Ahmad

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