Tech Support Services

We Provide Tech Support Services To Accelerate Your Business

Defend against loss of productivity, business downtime and high consulting fees by allowing our IT experts to proactively monitor and provide preventive maintenance to detect and eliminate computer problems before they occur.

As your business grows, we will help to ensure you have the right resources in place to sustain its development.

Product & Services

In-House 24X7 On-Site Support

If your business is mission critical and relies fully on your IT infrastructure, it will be important that any downtime be minimized as much as possible. Century Software has got you covered through our in-house technical team which is able to respond to mission critical issues 24X7. Ask about our affordable packages which is designed to save you costs according to your needs.

Red Hat, EnterpriseDB Postgres, Informix, Window Servers and Arconis Technical Services & Maintenance

Well, give us a call then! We will schedule you in for our free annual software consultation program and you can rest easy knowing that century software will take care of the rest! It’s free of charge for Klang Valley clients, and no tipping necessary!

Training and Education Services

Are you already using Red Hat, EnterpriseDB or Arconis products? If so, Century Software will be able to help! As a Red Hat Business Partner and Informix and Acronis Preferred Partner, we are able to offer customized as well as standard training and education services.

Consulting and Architecture Sizing

Services & Maintenance at the most efficient and minimal cost? To be delivered last week? Fret not! We at Century Software will be able to assist you in any projects that you need. A basic consultation comes at no charge and advanced consultation fees can be offset if Century Software carries out your project. The bottom line is, Century Software consulting will safe you cost while offering you the perfect fit of products at the most efficient performance and delivery time.

Professional and Certified Sales and Technical Staff

Our technical staffs are required to undergo at least 100 days of training and field work before they are assigned responsibility to any task. Additionally, existing experienced technical staffs are sent for a certified technical refresher course at least once a year.

Key Benefits

Customers using our Tech Support Services have seen benefits such as:

Cost Savings

Maximize your hardware and software investment.

Technical and Customer Support

Highly-experienced technical teams with customer care support.

Peace Of Mind

Ensured performance; proven programs results with regular progress reports.

Enhanced Service

Eliminating service call wait times response times guaranteed.

Certified Tech Support Team

On going training is an integral part of the team. Our Tech Support head as well as the team members have a slew of prestigious IT-Certifications as per below :

Redhat Certified Engineers

Acronis Certified Engineers

Informix Certified Engineers

VMware Certified Engineers

Microsoft Certified Engineers

EDB Postgres Certified Engineers

zmanda Certified Engineers

Acronis Certified Engineers




  • Migration activities P2V
  • Informix 12 installation & configuration
  • SSO AD implementation
  • Redhat Clustering
  • Informix Replication
  • DR Simulation activities


  • Migration activities P2V
  • Informix 12 installation & configuration
  • Redhat Clustering
  • Informix Replication
  • DR Simulation activities
  • Preventive Maintenance

MAMPU (Government information exchange HUB)

  • Installation & Configuration of RHEL VM (DEV, UAT, PROD)
  • OS Hardening
  • Installation & Configuration of JBOSS App & FUSE
  • EDB Installation & Configuration
  • Server Clustering
  • Project Management / Technical UAT
  • Support Maintenance Per Year

Ministry of Finance Malaysia – Outcome Based Budgeting (OBB)

  • Installation & Configuration of RHEL VM Production Servers
  • Dev using Ubuntu/Centos – Tomcat/Active – MQ configuration
  • OS Hardening
  • Installation & Configuration of JBOSS Web Server & Active –MQ
  • Tomcat Configuration
  • Oracle Installation & Configuration
  • Technical UAT
  • Support Maintenance



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