Treasury Management Suite


Supports bank reconciliation and manages cash, debt, and investments. The system harmonizes treasury operations across all levels of government, mitigates fiscal risk, maximizes government funds through effective forecasting.


Cash Management

Supports liquidity including cash forecasting based on the commitment cycle, historical trends and manager reports.

Bank Reconciliation

Supports multiple currency bank management including reconciliation processes, migration to a Treasury Single Account and foreign exchange gains and losses.

Debt & Investment Management

Supports debt servicing and the modelling of debt and investment financial vehicles.


Cash & Liquidity Management

Predicts future cash flow requirements to help optimize government cash reserves.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciles ledgers with cash receipts and payments at banks.

Debt Management

Manages government debt commitments.

Investment Management

Manages government investments in financial instruments.


Modules provide additional features that can be combined and configured to create solutions for government.

Standard Reports

Our Analytical Report Manager and a plethora of standard reports allow for reports to be generated and created according to any government requirement and compliance criteria.

Project Costing

Manages all functions related to government project costing to ensure optimised public spending.

Foreign Exchange

Allows transactions to be denominated in foreign currencies and manage international subsidiaries with different international requirement.

Investment Management

Manages all functions related to investment to ensure maximised financial gain.

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