Receipts Management Suite


Enables the unique revenue raising mechanisms of government, such as taxation. To help raise revenue and collect receipts to keep government moving, Government Receipts Management delivers.


Tax Revenue

Supports tax administration for income, business, import and property.

Non-Tax Revenue

Supports government sales and other income including sales, permits and licensing.

Billings & Receipt

Supports receipts collection including utility billing, collections and cashiering.



Support income, property, custom, excise and sales taxes at national and sub-national levels.

Permits & Licensing

Manage permit, license, certification, user fee, fines and other government processes that collect revenue.

Customer & Taxpayer Management

Manage citizen and corporate information and identity across revenue systems.

Government Sales

Manage sales of government assets, products and services.

Collection Management

Support front and back office receipts handling, collections, invoicing statement.


Modules provide additional features that can be combined and configured to create solutions for government.

Government Receipts Management

Automate invoicing and manage collections.

Tax Administration

Support centralized tax configuration, management, and reporting.


Supports point-of-sale cashiering that enables governments to automate revenue collection and bill-tracking processing.

Bill Presentment

Allows bills to be created, processed and paid online without the hassle.

Standard Reports

Our Analytical Report Manager and plethora of standard reports allows for reports to be generated and created according to any government requirement and compliance criteria.

Utility Billing

One-stop management of utility billings.

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