Performance Management Suite


Our Performance based budgets use statements of missions, goals and objectives to explain why the money is being spent. It is a way to allocate resources to achieve specific objectives based on program goals and measured results.


Our Performance Management Suite includes these key components:


Develop the strategic results framework for government ministries


Prepare the resource requirements to drive results of government ministries


Manage information for monitoring, evaluation and decision support

Monitoring and Reporting

Performance reporting and policy formulation


  • An integrated performance planning framework that provides flexible configuration
  • Integrated macro performance planning covering the national priority areas and cascading them down to the Ministry and Departmental levels
  • Integrated budget planning based on program-activity architecture in line with the new approach for budget online
  • Integrated program performance directly linked to the budgetary process
  • Integrated budgeting that links the operating and development budgets into a seamless program-based budget
  • Integrated performance frameworks at Ministry and department level linked directly with the budget and public expenditure management
  • Easy to capture detailed data and carry out data aggregation
  • Flexible facilities for data capture
  • Easy to link related yet different structures
  • Structured workflow to manage the data collection process
  • Caters for very specific requirements through API
  • Builds and links structures very quickly through GUI
  • Handles large volumes of data
  • Handles sparsity very well
  • Scalable to large number of users
  • Flexible reporting an analytical functionality
  • Easily allocate non program costs to defined algorithms or percentages
  • Web based for easy deployment to large number of users
  • Integrated solution
  • Microsoft Office integration

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