Human Resource Management Suite


A fully integrated web-based human resource information management and payroll system designed exclusively for the government. From recruitment through retirement, Civil Service Management delivers a complete government HR solution.


Payroll & Pensions

Supports government rules for payroll and pensions.

Benefits & Self Service

Supports civil service benefits, travel and subsistence and self-service portals.


Payroll & Pensions

Manages payments to hourly and salary staff and pensions to former civil servants.

Salary Planning

Forecasts salaries based on budget, trends, and pay to date. Ability to model changes to pay grades, vacancies and union agreements.

Position & Establishment Management

Sets the establishment for the civil service, pay grades and position scales.

Civil Service Reform

Manages vendors including vendor authorization, certifications, and ratings.

Payments & Benefits Management

Manages payment cycle including approval, EFT, secure cheques, and pay vouchers.

Benefits Management

Supports insurance, bonuses, training payments and loans for civil servants.


Modules provide additional features that can be combined and configured to create solutions for government.

Employee Self-Service

Enables employees to manage payslips, statements and related functions.

Time and Attendance

Track and optimize the hours that public servants spend on the responsibility and keep records of wages and salaries earned.

Staff Loan

Manages loans taken up by public servants.

Civil Service Movement

Tracking of public servants of various agencies, departments and divisions.


Payroll specially created for government requirement with step and ladder, public allowances and deductions.

Standard Reports

Our Analytical Report Manager and a plethora of standard reports allow for reports to be generated and created according to any government requirement and compliance criteria.

Civil Service Performance Appraisal

Enables assessment of employees’ job performance and productivity aligned with government objectives.

Travel and Subsistence

A unique module for the government in tracking and monitoring all the advances and claims of government employees.

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