Government Resource Planning


Made exclusively for governments based on our 20+ years experience dealing with governments.

Censof Government Resource Planning (CGRP) empower governments with the foundation to bring economic growth, accountability and transparency to their citizens.

CGRP is a flexible, modular financial management system that starts off simple but can scale to reflect the evolving needs of government and public sector organizations.


Aggregate Fiscal Controls
Multiple Levels of Allotment Controls
Multiple Commitment Levels
Multi-funds and Project Controls
Multi-Year Chart-of-Accounts


Designed for government and its agencies
Proven robustness & scalability
No customization required: parameterization and modular design enables quick configuration

Suite Overview

Financial Management Suite

Commitment accounting and budget management are unique to the public sector, enabling budgetary and commitment controls. This includes Budget and Commitment Accounting, Assets and Inventory, and Projects and Job Costing.

Expenditure Management Suite

Public expenditure management reflects all functions related to government spending. This exceeds typical “accounts payable” functionality common with private sector accounting because of the need for budget and commitment controls. This includes Expenditures and Purchasing, Procurement, and Grants and Social Programs.

Treasury Management Suite

Treasury management enables governments to manage debt and investments. This includes Bank Reconciliation, Cash Management, and Debt and Investments.

Receipts Management Suite

Governments raise revenue and collect receipts through a number of means. This includes Non-tax Revenue, Taxation, and Billing and Receipts.

Performance Management Suite

Performance Management enables governments to improve results and outcomes. This includes Performance Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Government Transparency.

Human Resource Management Suite

Civil service management enables governments to manage the civil service cycle from recruitment through retirement. This includes Human Resources and Workforce, Payroll and Pensions, and Benefits & Self-Service.

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