Financial Management Suite


Supports the unique budgetary requirements of the public sector. Features such as support for commitment accounting and budget management enable governments to manage tax dollars effectively.


Budget & Commitment Accounting

Supports core government financial functions for unitary governments, national governments, line ministries, sub-national and municipal governments and projects.

Asset & Inventory

Supports asset management principles tailored specifically to government needs such as fixed assets, stores, fleet and facilities.

Projects and Job Costing

Supports project management link budgeting and project accounting to project estimates and forecasts.


Budgetary Control

Budgetary funds are mapped to the Chart of Accounts (COA) at a pre-determined hierarchy level for aggregate fiscal control.

Reform & Modernization

Modernizes the financial management structure like migrating from cash accounting to accrual accounting.

Fixed Assets and Inventory

Manages asset accounting, depreciation and evaluation. Supports government stores, transfers, inventory counts and consumption.

Multi-level Allotment Controls

Supports approved appropriations, warrants or allocations, mapped to summary or detailed levels within the COA and to fiscal periods.

Real-time Ledgers

Balances ledgers in real-time with budgets to ensure that budgets are not overspent.

Journal, Vouchers & Ledgers

Supports traditional accounting cycle used in public and private sectors.

Commitment & Obligation Control

Supports a soft commitment to spend or hard commitment/contractual obligation.


Modules provide additional features that can be combined and configured to create solutions for government.

Core Public Financials

A central repository of core financials, fully integrated with real-time reporting and analysis.

Project Costing

Manages all functions related to government project costing to ensure optimised public spending.

Government Fixed Assets

Track fixed assets and manage depreciation calculations.


Efficiently manage the distribution process to improve public satisfaction while minimising costs.

Budget Controls

The centralized function that captures all types of transactions that will impact the budget. A unique feature for the government requirement with the vote functionality, virement, supplement and carry forward commitment/ balances processes

Cash Book

Control day-to-day transactions, cash balances, funds transfer, and bank account reconciliation.

Standard Reports

Our Analytical Report Manager and a plethora of standard reports allow for reports to be generated and created according to any government requirement and compliance criteria.

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