Expenditure Management Suite


Manages all functions related to government spending. Due to the unique needs of government—including budget and commitment controls—this exceeds typical accounts payable functionality common in the private sector.


Expenditure & Purchasing

Supports expenditure controls for standard expenditures including payment management, multiple purchasing vehicles and the purchasing cycle.


Supports fiscal discipline on large-scale government acquisitions including tendering, e-procurement, contract and spend management.

Grant Programs

Supports government grant, loan, and contribution management.


Budget & Commitment Controls

Ensures that all expenditures are approved and do not exceed budget or allotments set in the system.

Purchasing Methods

Develops a range of purchasing vehicles such as local purchase orders, petty cash, open contracts, standing offers and special contracts.

Vendor Management

Manages vendors including vendor authorization, certifications, and ratings.

Purchase Cycle

Manages the general purchase cycle including purchase requisitions, purchase orders, goods receipt, and goods returned.


Manages government procurement including competitive tenders, tender evaluation, vendor disputes and contract management.

Grant Management

Supports government grant, loan and contributions to individuals, educational institutions, NGOs and businesses.


Modules provide additional features that can be combined and configured to create solutions for government.

Payment Management

Manage liabilities and payments for goods and services.

Public Expenditures + Purchasing

Reduce costs and improve relationships by automating and centrally managing purchasing processes.

Standard Reports

Our Analytical Report Manager and plethora of standard reports allows for reports to be generated and created according to any government requirement and compliance criteria.

Contract Management

Manage contracts and transactions related to contracts with consolidated reporting.

Grants and Contribution Management

Manage public grants and contributions received for effective dissemination.

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