For the past 15 years, Censof has been our trusted IT and more so our business partner. They have done a good job in improving our functionality with their robust applications, allowing us to become one of the most efficient statutory bodies in Malaysia. Thank you Censof, We wish you all success in the years to come.

Hjh. Rosna Amir
Director, Information Services Management Division, MARDI


The Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) was established in October 1969. MARDI was established with the primary objective of generating and promoting new, appropriate and efficient means for the advancement of the food industry, agriculture and agro-based industries.


  • To conduct research in the field of food and agriculture and agro-based industries.
  • To improve the quality of agricultural produce, by employing new technologies in the management and using bio technology and precision farming


  • Business operations were manually conducted which consumed a considerable amount of time.
  • With over 60 stations, distributed across from Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak the available infrastructure at that time wasn’t competent enough to perform data consolidation from the branches. This made it difficult to monitor their performance and productivity.
  • To manage research funds worth billions for agricultural research activities, and to integrate our systems and help us speed up our business operations, we required a consolidated online system.
  • We had to make a transition from the legacy system to an integrated financial system to fulfill our mandate from the government to comply with the SAGA requirement.


  • Censof offered us a well-architected solution which helped us overcome the data transition issues. The system’s efficiency was such that it could operate smoothly even at data rates as low as 9.6kbps.
  • The Project Costing module helped in preparing reports which helped us select, prioritize and monitor the research and development activities, especially in biotechnology, leading to innovating breakthroughs in the field of agriculture.
  • With the new user-friendly system, reports and financial statements could be generated much faster as the research base reports could be customized.
  • With the ‘multi-company’ feature, we are able to consolidate all the financial information from our 60 over branches and stations.