We chose Censof as our vendor of choice for implementation as they already had hands on experience in implementing for government agencies before. Century Financials was able to adapt to the business changes that we were going through and still continues to do so. We are truly pleased to say that Century Financials helps us to run the business better, with less effort, allowing us to become more productive and serve the nation better.

Ummi Kalthum Shuib
Director, Finance & Procurement, SWCorp

About SWCorp

Established in 2007, SWCorp (formerly known as PEPEJAL) is the world’s only federal agency monitoring the nation’s cleanliness. (Governed by the Act 673)


  • To provide a comprehensive, integrated, cost-effective and sustainable solid waste management system.
  • Implement activities to assure the welfare of the society and meet the demand for environmental conservation and public well-being.


  • A manual billing process was followed to issue the bill for the services rendered to the local councils.
  • Transaction details were recorded in MS Excel and the spreadsheets were printed out before keying the data into the system. The process was time consuming and there was a chance of missing out on data or entering incorrect data.
  • Absence of a customized billing template for our unique billing needs.
  • A new billing report had to be created every time a new data entry had to be made. Having to enter the same values over and over again in every new billing report was tedious.
  • No centralized control over the 53 local authorities spread across Malaysia.


  • Century financials helped us to eliminate redundancy by offering us a customized billing solution through their robust application development framework called “Coreplex”.
  • Coreplex’ was an inter-operative, rapid development platform which allows programmers to seamlessly generate and publish applications within a short timeframe.
  • The customized templates saved the time which was previously spent keying information into the billing system from scratch.
  • Users can now check if the bill has been generated before.
  • Coreplex, being an inter-operative tool based on LINUX OS, allowed us to be flexible and enjoy the features of multiple platforms without being limited to a single framework.