Local Council

The landscape for local government is constantly changing, local authorities are expected to ‘do more with less’ for their communities and citizens while managing ever-changing legislative demands and maintaining modern and relevant practices. Our aim is to help local authorities transform their services, achieving better outcomes through connected and efficient ways of working, enabled through the use of digital technology and automation.

Local Council is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide suite of applications designed to meet the diverse requirements of Local Government. It is integrated by design to provide a single, complete framework for Council’s diverse business applications that promotes staff empowerment and supports improved financial control, whilst helping you to manage the demand for higher levels of service and equitable use of community assets.

Local Council solution is designed specifically for Councils and will deliver the following business features:

  • Community Portal
  • Mobile Apps
  • Modern User Interface
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Facilities Booking
  • Online Timesheets


Our latest release of Local Council is based on customer feedback and significant investment – with the goal to create a modern solution that is purpose built for the requirements of local authorities.


HTML5 redevelopment of BIS (business intelligence) and a new ad-hoc reporting tool.


API layer development for third-party integration.


Individual dashboards for each module for enhanced user experience.

CRM Search

Enhancements to CRM search Functionality.

Employee Kiosk

A dashboard for employees to access their information including leave and payslips.


New menu structure created with a focus on usability.


Gather and act upon the feedback of your constituents

Reasons to Consider e-PBT


e-PBT features a full redesign of the User Interface including new dashboards and a redesigned menu structure

Community Engagement

Revolutionise the way you interact with your constituents with our new self-service portal.


Utilise the ‘e-PBT Connect’ suite of mobile apps to interact with e-PBT in the field. Action tasks, complete inspections, manage infringements and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Full business intelligence (BIS) redevelopment and ad-hoc reporting – turn your data into insight.

Flexible Hosting

We can make recommendations based on your unique requirements or give you the choice of how you’d like to host your applications and data.

Data Security and Compliance

We’re experts in local government data and systems. Have peace of mind knowing that e-PBT has the appropriate security and compliance measures in place to keep your data safe.

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