e-Claims is a solution that maximises operational results by improving process effectiveness, eliminating fraud, introducing cost efficiencies and ensuring speedy claims resolution.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent completing monthly expense claims
  • Standardised claim format procedures and claimable expenses
  • Eliminate data entry costs / redundancy of data entry by Finance Department staff
  • Automated approval process by department and divisional managers and etc;
  • Assist auditing process efficiently via electronic record history


Web Based
Multiple User Interface
Cross Device
Flexible Reporting

Product Benefits

It's Flexible

It is web-based and offers cross-platform, cross-browser support. It is designed to be fully customizable to the needs of your organisations.

It's Convenient

Manage the entire process electronically in real time on-line submission of advance/claims. The system will also retain the record for all the claim application regardless approve or reject records. Users can track the records from anywhere and anytime.

It's Efficient & Time Saving

Personnel can be automatically notified of approval via e-mail thus reducing the application time and also paperwork.

Affordable & Cost Saving

Our application is based on SaaS model and agency can benefit by subscribing to the application.

Benefits for Employees

  • Able to submit claims anytime, anywhere
  • Auto routing to next approval
  • Instant update of claim approval status
  • Reduces paperwork

Benefits for Finance Department

  • Auto calculations using built in formulas, no more manual mistakes
  • Handling all types of claims: travel, accommodation, medical, entertainment, etc
  • All records are stored electronically. Ease of retrieval & permanent storage
  • Real time advanced reports

Benefits for Company /Agency

  • Overall cost reduction in claim processing
  • Time spent earlier could be focused in other work activities
  • Supports government initiative for electronic processing

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