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Incorporated in 1997 as a specialist for financial management solutions, Censof is today at the forefront of the industry in Malaysia and the global business arena. The Censof Group of Companies has established presence in Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States, with financial management solutions, e-payment gateway services, and investment/asset management solutions. As a technology group of company, to stay innovative, focused and relevant, the Censof community adheres strictly to its strategic goals set out in the Group's Vision and Mission Statement.

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Censof is GST READY!! Available now…

Censof is your gateway to Malaysia GST implementation.  Our GST accounting software has survived the test of time with the successful implementation of GST in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines (VAT).  We have gone through the mill of the GST implementation cycle and policy navigation through our system to fulfill these needs.   Amongst our clients in Australia are Commonwealth Bank Health Society, Rockmans, The Nuance Group, Recall, Office of Fair Trading and Teacher’s Federation Health.  We bring you our comprehensive financial solution and our experience in this subject.

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To be a leading global provider of financial management solutions by 2016.



Use only approved GST software | The Malaysian Reserve - http://themalaysianreserve.com/new/story/ahmad-maslan-use-only-approved-gst-software

1. 2014 Censof Global Conference to take place in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The 2014 Censof Global Conference will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 15th - 19th November. The event will witness both international and local speakers speaking on a range of topics from changing practices in corporate governance, the importance of customer satisfaction, road map for GST development in Malaysia and much more.

2. 7th October 2014, Censof ABSS & MYOB sign Joint Venture

Censof ABSS enters into a Joint venture with MYOB South Asia. With the implementation of GST, the aim of the JV is to tap into the prospects which the SME market has to offer and also to strengthen the group's presence in the commercial sector.

New Censof Request for Service (RFS) System

3. To check the status of RFS submitted before 23rd September 2013, it still may be possible to use current system at http://support.centurysoftware.com.my/support.

4. Please do not hesitate to contact our Support CENSOF at 03-79627999 / 1-800-22-7888 or email us at csmsupport@centurysoftware.com.my  if you have any queries.


Check out the features of our accounting software in this case study video for the Sports Council of Malaysia
Video Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qhSc0iyrlc

Why is Censof such a fun working place to be at? Why do our employees look forward to come to work every day? 
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